Below we have provided answers to some of your questions.

Q. :- Do you offer a back-up service if I can't continue for physical or mechanical reasons?

Ans.:- "Challenging Times" do not offer this service it is your responsibility to ensure you are suitably fit enough to participate and that you carry sufficient tools/spare innertubes/pump/Mobile phone (to phone a friend)  etc. to ensure you can complete your ride.

Q.:- What happens if I decide to change the distance I had registered to ride?

Ans:- You can change your originally chosen distance on the day, but please let us know and we will change your registration form to your revised distance, you may even decide to change your chosen distance during the ride, again this is not a problem providing you inform us when you return to the event control centre and we can then present you with the appropriate "Certificate of Achievement".

Q.:- What are the local hotels/campsites/guest houses?

Ans.:- We are currently compiling a list of elected accommodation, in the meantime try a search "Dunchurch, Warwickshire accommodation" on Google.

Q. :- What time does registration sign-in close?

Ans. :- We expect all riders to have signed on by 10:30hrs.

Q.:- What time will the event control centre close?

Ans.:- We will remain open to record your arrival and present your "Certificate of Achievement" back at your chosen event control centre until 15:30hrs or 5 hours after the latest start time

Q.:- Will I be able to buy cycling items at the event control centres?

Ans.:- We are currently in discussion with a number of retailers who may offer this service,we will keep you posted on this topic.